Pastor Patrick

& Evangelist

Vanesha Mason

"A place where God's will is being done."

Our church ministries consist of: 

  • Marriage Ministry

  • Healing and Deliverance Ministry

  • Periscope & Facebook Live Ministry at 5:30 am M-F

  • Evangelical Ministry

  • Outreach Ministry

  • Youth Ministry

  •  Music Ministry

  • Bible Study - Tuesday @ 6:30 pm

HEBREWS 12:28-29

28 Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, 

29 for our “God is a consuming fire.”

Our Church History


One day there was a man by the name of Superintendent L.L. Roberts sitting and praying for a vision for the Valley District COGIC. What area? What place? He also made known his heart’s desire for the people of God to find a place and go into the Leighton area.


With much prayer, one day a member picked up the vision of Supt. Roberts, little did this woman know that because she was hungry and wanted some barbeque that it was going to be the beginning of an answer to the vision of Supt. Roberts to take Valley District to the next level. The woman we speak of is Mother Bertha Jones. She was getting some nourishment for her body when she heard the voice of God say “Home”. She did not know all of what it meant, but she began to seek an answer. She started asking about the wash mat in the middle (now the foyer and the bathrooms), and a barbeque pit in the rear (now the dining area and kitchen). Mother Jones asked if she could have a church mission here, and the owner told her there was a long line for some other kind of businesses and to put her name on the list. However, Mother Jones remembered God said, “Home”. Praying and talking, Mother Jones remembered and told Supt. Roberts about the building and what God had spoken unto her heart. God touched the heart of Mr. Leon Douglas to give God’s people a chance at the building.


In August of 1993, Supt. L. Roberts sent Elder Bobby Smith and his family along with Sis. Doris Diggs, Sis. Frances Owens, and Sis. Daisy Jones. Elder Smith worked hard to accomplish many things for the church. For example, he built one of the previous pulpits for the sanctuary. Elder Smith worked from 1993 to 1998 with the laundry mat trying and struggling to survive during hard times.


Supt. Roberts began to seek a different way of trying to make the mission move onto another level. So, he began to seek God for the direction in which to go. In the meantime, Elder Billie Mason was stirred on the inside to stop sitting down and doing nothing. He began to talk to his wife, Sis. Glenda Mason and tell her of his plans and heart’s desire. Eventually, the two of them began to pray and went to Moulton, Alabama, looking for a building. Elder Billie Mason said to his wife, “It’s time to go and talk to Elder Roberts.” After talking to the Superintendent, he asked him not to make a move, because he was trying to do something else in Leighton in a way of reorganizing the area. He did not understand the change, but he never said no to his leader.


Later on, God moved Cathedral of Faith COGIC to Decatur, Alabama, where they have flourished in the ministry. In January of 2005, Supt. L.L. Roberts assumed the role as Senior pastor for the church. The name Fresh Anointing was given to him after his death experience. The Lord told Supt. Roberts that he has given him a “Fresh Anointing”. So, he renamed the church to Fresh Anointing. In the month of July, he conducted a three-day prayer service. A year had passed and with much prayer Supt. Roberts appointed Elder Patrick Mason, Jr. as assistant pastor at the church.


Elder Mason is a young man that was raised under the ministry of Supt. Roberts. With Elder Mason as his assistant, he continued the ministry in the Leighton area. On July 28, 2007, God led Supt. Roberts to conduct a street service on the corner of County Line Road and Jarmon Lane. Early that morning, Mother Helen Ricks was up praying that God would send a preacher to Jarmon Lane. Mother Ricks came to the street service and offered her home for Bible Study and street services. Supt. Roberts instructed Elder Mason to carry on Outreach Services at her home. God blessed the ministry of Fresh Anointing in a great way. In September of 2007, Supt. Roberts took in his first members at the church, known as the Jones’ family.


God is still blessing this church through the leadership of Elder Patrick Mason, Jr. On August 2008, Elder Patrick Mason, Jr., was appointed pastor of Fresh Anointing COGIC. Later on in 2009, God led Pastor Mason to change the name of the church to Cornerstone Tabernacle COGIC/Fresh Anointing Ministries. Pastor Mason along with his wife, Evangelist Vanesha Mason and their two children, continue the work of the ministry on today.